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The Best Hummingbird Themed Gift Ideas

March 31, 2016 at 2:37 am

Hummingbirds are gorgeous creatures. In addition to being so beautiful, the way they simply float in the air as they find a flower’s nectar is simply fascinating. Their incredibly gorgeous colours make them a welcome guest in every garden. When you are gifting someone who loves these unique birds, it is always best to choose an item with a hummingbird theme. The following sections shed light on the top hummingbird theme gifts.



Due to their tiny size and brilliant colours, hummingbirds are popular subjects for all types of jewellery including pendants, earrings, rings, bracelets and brooches. You may also get a jewellery box decorated with hummingbirds as a coordinating gift.

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A nature lover with a fine taste in art will surely appreciate the beauty of a hummingbird-themed artwork. From simple items such as photographic prints to more elaborate options like figurines or paintings, there are plenty of gifting options available. Moreover, these artworks serve as the best way to immortalize the grace and elegance of these delicate birds.


Obviously, why doesn’t any nature lover cherish a book which is about the subject he is deeply interested in? There are countless books about the habitat, feeding habits and other fun facts about hummingbirds. For instance, The Hummingbird Book: The Complete Guide to Attracting, Identifying, and Enjoying Hummingbirds, authored by Donald Stokes, is most popular among bird watchers. Also, Hummingbirds of North America serves as a detailed field guide for serious bird lovers.


For a fun gift, choose hummingbird-themed novelty items. A coffee mug with beautiful illustrations of a hummingbird in full flight is the perfect gift you can give to nature lovers. You may also choose from a wide range of other options including hummingbird clothing, ornaments, hats, pillows, toys, puzzles and so on.


There is a plethora of hummingbird-themed stationery such as address books, notepads, stickers, calendars, diaries, journals, pens and more. You may gift any of them for birthdays, anniversaries, New Year or Easter. Also, they are quite inexpensive, and if you aren’t willing to spend more than a few dollars, they are a good choice.


Do you know that many organizations offer hummingbird adoptions? The fees you pay goes towards supporting hummingbird conservation, to ensure that our future generations can enjoy the delicate beauty of these birds. Adopt a hummingbird in the name of someone who loves these birds and this will be the most memorable gift that you can ever give him or her.


If you are gifting someone who already has a garden that is frequented by these birds, choosing plants that produce hummingbird-friendly flowers will be a great idea. You may also give them hummingbird-themed accessories such as wind chimes, welcome mats, windsocks and even birdseed feeders. You can also gift them the hummingbird nectar concentrate which can be directly fed to the birds.

Apart from the above-listed options, there are several other hummingbird-themed gift ideas that appeal to people of all ages. Choosing the right gift can bring a bit of hummingbird joy to any nature lover on a special occasion.

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